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St. Raphael (3101)

Address (Mail):525 Dover Center Rd.
Address (Church):525 Dover Center Rd.
Address (Rectory):525 Dover Center Rd.
Address (Admin):525 Dover Center Rd.
Bay Village, OH 44140-2366
District:Cuyahoga County Suburban - West
Phone:(440) 871-1100
Fax:(440) 899-2911

Currently Assigned

Dates: Name/Position
Start: 06-13-2017
Rev Eric S Garris
Parochial Vicar
Start: 05-07-2005
Deacon Larry D. Gregg
Start: 09-06-2002
Rev Timothy W. Gareau

Previously Assigned

Dates: Name/Position
Start: 06-11-2013
End: 06-13-2017
Rev Ryan J. Cubera
Parochial Vicar
Start: 09-15-2010
End: 06-28-2017
Rev Albert A. Krupp
In Residence
Start: 06-09-2009
End: 06-11-2013
Rev Steven H. Breck
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-05-2007
End: 06-09-2009
Rev Michael J. Stalla
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-10-2003
End: 06-05-2007
Rev Craig M. Hovanec
Parochial Vicar
Start: 08-20-2002
End: 01-15-2013
Rev Nelson J. Callahan
Pastor Emeritus
Start: 06-21-2002
End: 09-06-2002
Rev Timothy W. Gareau
Start: 06-13-2000
End: 06-21-2002
Rev Timothy W. Gareau
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-18-1996
End: 02-15-2000
Rev C. Thomas Cleaton
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-22-1993
End: 12-01-1993
Rev Douglas H. Koesel
Parochial Vicar
Start: 01-05-1988
End: 06-23-1993
Rev Anthony J. Schuerger
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-24-1986
End: 01-05-1988
Rev Thomas J. Hagedorn
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-30-1983
End: 06-24-1986
Rev Kevin C. Shemuga
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-24-1980
End: 01-30-1986
Rev William J. Johnson
Senior Parochial Vicar
Start: 05-26-1975
End: 08-08-1979
Rev James D. Schorr
Parochial Vicar
Start: 12-18-1974
End: 08-20-2002
Rev Nelson J. Callahan
Start: 06-21-1974
End: 03-03-1978
Rev Douglas M Proehl
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-17-1971
End: 05-02-1975
Rev James R. McGonegal
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-08-1961
End: 06-14-1962
Rev James A. Viall
Parochial Vicar
Start: 06-12-1958
End: 02-14-1964
Rev Thomas R. Dunphy
Parochial Vicar

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