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Death Notices

Deacon John W. Strmac

The Reverend Albert A. Kunkel

Current Death Notices

The Reverend Thomas R. Dunphy

The Reverend Daniel L. Begin

Deacon William H. Corrigan

Deacon Donald E. Sill

Deacon Stanley J. Fulton

Deacon Donald W. Lobdell

Deacon Alfred J. Koch

Deacon Ross C. DeJohn Sr

The Reverend Robert M. Wendelken

The Reverend Wilfred T. Smith

The Reverend James V. Ragnoni

Rev. Edward F. Lajack

Deacon Joseph W. Johnson

Deacon Edward A. Telepak

Deacon Harry J. Broering, Jr.

The Reverend James J. Patton

The Reverend Thaddeus Swirski

The Reverend Stephen J. Kaminski

The Reverend Thomas J. Gallagher

The Reverend John T. McDonough

Deacon John M. Buda

Deacon Louis C. Dobos

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