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Below are the statistics of those in ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland as of 19 June 2017:

Priests: 463 total priests

259 Diocesan Priests in Active Ministry

                       256 Diocesan Active
                           3 Released from Diocesan Assignment

 95  Diocesan priests who are retired.

 13  Other (5 Administrative Leave, 6 Leave of Absence, 2 Priest Prayer & Penance)

 80  Religious Order priests

 16 Extern Priest (priests studying or living in the diocese not incardinated)

                               12 Extern Priest Active             4  Extern Priest Retired

                             259 Diocesan Priest Active       95  Diocesan Priest Retired
                               70 Religious Priests Active      10  Religious Order Priests Retired

Permanent Deacons:

212 Total Permanent Deacons serving and/or residing in the Diocese of Cleveland.

146 Diocesan Deacons in active ministry.

  54 Retired Deacons

    7 Extern Deacons

    4 Released from Diocesan Assignment Deacons

    1 Religious Deacon

    2 Other

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